Friday, January 21, 2011

Abortion Argument Tactic

What I used in the above conversation was a variation of a tactic I learned from Greg Koukl known as “Trotting in the Toddler.”

Trotting in the toddler is a method used to help the proponent of abortion see that whatever arbitrary
reason or standard they give to validate or justify abortion... Ultimately fails to be a valid reason to kill a toddler or in this case human beings in a building. Furthermore, what this reveals is that the proponent of abortion assumes that the unborn is not a human being right out of the gate. For if they had started with the proper presupposition they would never attempt to justify murdering an innocent unborn human being because of say, hardship. Hardship is not an excuse for homicide! It is their presupposition and it is a very dangerous one at that, as their failure to acknowledge the unborn as a human being results in murder.
Christian: What reason do you have to justify taking the life of the unborn?
Detractor: Well I think if a woman is raped she should be aloud to choose for herself!
Christian: What if the woman already had the baby? Would it be alright for the woman to kill her 2 year old toddler because it continuously reminds her of the hardship?
Detractor: Certainly not! Are you kidding with me?
Christian: Bear with me for a moment... So why would that not be acceptable?
Detractor: Because it is a human being!
Christian: Clearly then, you presuppose that the unborn is not a human being right out of the gate! That is a very dangerous presumption friend. Hardship is not justification for homicide! Speculating that the unborn is not a human being and then killing it is like blowing up a building with no certainty that human life is not inside.
Detractor: I have never thought about it this way...You bring up a good point.

Folks you can "Trot in the Toddler" as a test to
any standard or reason that one gives as justification for abortion. It reveals the inconsistency, it reveals the double-standard and it reveals the dangerous presumption that pro-abortion folks maintain right out of the gate.

As a U.S. Navy SEAL I can't imagine going out to one of our demolition ranges on San Clemente Island to blow up a building or an obstacle in the ocean without having absolute certainty that there is no human life present! You would get kicked out of the teams for such a tremendous error!

It is happening right now, this moment as you read! It is a modern day holocaust as the screams of the unborn cannot be heard!

"God will judge the secrets of men" (Rom. 2:16).

Posted by: Chad Williams "Street Apologetics"