Monday, March 14, 2011

How to Get Upgraded to First Class

As I sat in the van with the Living Waters team, I prayed that God would get the 12 of us to the Louisiana Transformed Conference safely, and that He would give us “divine encounters.” I wanted the cross paths with people He had well-prepared--similar to the well-prepared woman at the well, in John chapter four.

            Two hours later I was sitting in the plane behind a gentleman to whom I had handed a Trillion Dollar Bill tract. He was still clutching it when an gentleman, this one with a cultured English accent, began to speak with him. I love English accents and had the thought that I would like to witness to him. Just then the flight attendant asked Mr. Clutcher if he wanted to move into First Class. He didn’t want to leave his business associates, so he turned to me and asked if I wanted the seat. Did I ever!

             As I sat down in the comfortable First Class seat, I noticed that I was sitting next to Mr. English-accent. After a little probing, I found out that he was an actor of some renown, a “pagan” tarot card writer, and the voice of the lead character in Steven Spielberg’s hugely popular Transformer movies [ ]. When Mark mentioned that he had been on many near-miss flights and that if God wanted to take him “He had ample opportunity,” I asked if he liked talking about spiritual matters. He did, and he was more than willing to go on camera.

            After 20 minutes of interview small-talk, we went through the moral Law, and that sure stirred up something spiritual. It was a hot interview. Afterwards, he said to the female flight attendant, “That was the most intense and interesting interview I have ever done. This guy hijacked me! He asked me if I had ever lusted after a woman!” I quietly explained the context of the question to her. Mark then suggested that I give him my camera because he wanted to put me on the hot seat. That’s exactly what happened. He grilled me with every question he could think of for the next 40 minutes, and even conceded that some of the answers sounded reasonable.

            I took the camera back and asked him about Hitler, Churchill and John Lennon, and was amazed that he was very well-versed on each of these men that we were profiling in Season Five of our TV program. I couldn’t have wished for a more eloquent words. 

            I then had a chat with one of the Jonas Brothers (who was also in First Class), got his address and told him that I would send him a “Hell’s Best Kept Secret” CD.

            The next day we were on our way home after the Transformed conference. As we walked through the New Orleans airport, and elderly man who was walking towards us began leaning to his right, I leaned right towards him and asked, “Are you alright?” He kept right on leaning and said, “No!” I grabbed his arm and we both began an awkward stagger that ended up with us falling onto the floor as I tried to break his fall. I thought he was having a serious heart attack and was going to die in my arms.

            As we both lay on the floor, he smiled and said, “I had too much to drink.” I laughed, helped him to his feet, and put a Trillion Dollar Bill tract in his hand. As he mumbled something about now being able to pay for a lot more drinks, I was able to hand tracts to the small crowd that had gathered.

            So if you pray for divine encounters, don’t be surprised if you are on you way to be a voice at a “Transformed” conference that you meet a man who is a voice for a “Transformer” movie. And if an elderly man flings himself into your arms and pulls you to the ground, take it as a sign that you have just had an answer to your prayer.