Sunday, March 27, 2011

True vs False Conversion

Often times we will have atheists or agnostics approach us during an open-air, insisting that they once were on fire Christians for God but now they have a message to share...God is just imaginary. More times than not this anger they have is rooted in some hypocrites they encountered along the way in church. Two things are worth mentioning here.

One, a hypocrite should never be a test to the validity of Christianity! Jesus said "Follow Me" (Matt. 4:19) not his followers. In fact Jesus even forewarned that there would be tares amongst the wheat (Matt. 13:24-30). Just because there is a label on the outside of the bible doesn't necessarily make it so.

Secondly, if you dig deep you will find that they never really knew the Lord which means they never really were Christians to begin with! If they didn't know the Lord, then their false conversion experience was just that, an experience. They were never really born-again and thus it is advantageous to press and plead with someone like this to truly repent and put their faith and trust in the Savior rather than a works righteousness (Matt. 12:1-23).

Posted By: Chad Williams "Street Apologetics"