Monday, April 18, 2011

Is Saturday Sabbath an Obligation?

No, for at least three reasons.

Firstly, after the resurrection of Jesus Christ nowhere in the NT is the early church recorded as affirming the Saturday Sabbath. Quite contrary the early followers of Christ are recorded as gathering on the first day of the week "Sunday."

Secondly, only 9 of the "10 Commandments" are repeated in Scripture after Christ's finished work on cross in Whom we have the ultimate rest, restoration and liberation from sin! Can you take a guess which one is not repeated? Jesus Christ did not do away with the 4th Commandment, rather He is the fulfillment and One we have eternal rest in!

Thirdly, If you only hang onto one of these reasons let it be this one here! Again, if you are ever challenged to "given an answer" remember the following!  Two places in Scripture Paul clearly spelled out that we are not to let anyone judge us regarding Sabbath keeping and let every man be fully convinced in his own mind as to whether we esteem one day above another or all the same (Col. 2:16; Rom. 14:5).

You better memorize those two Scriptures! You will be confronted with this in street evangelism, you will call upon these Scriptures, and you will be happy that you learned them! Below I have provided FREE mp3 clickable downloads, ready for your itunes library, ipod/iphone/droid ect.

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Quote: "If those who insist on keeping the Sabbath were as zealous about the salvation of the lost as they are about other Christians keeping the Sabbath, we would see revival."
-Ray Comfort, Evidence Bible p.1552

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