Friday, April 29, 2011

Logical Fallacy: (Straw-Man)

The "straw-man fallacy" simply put is a misrepresentation of a particular position. A detractor will erect a misrepresentation of his opponents view and then hack apart as if to stand over it and champion a victory! In reality there was no such victory to champion, there was no genuine engagement with the opponents views and the detractor has only succeeded at setting up and knocking down toy soldiers as-it-were while their real opposition remains fully intact and unscathed.


"Well, you don't believe in science! You just fill in the blanks with the God of gaps."

"Since you are a Christian you believe that you should stone homosexuals!"

"Christianity is responsible for the crusades"

"like all religions, it is all about controlling the uneducated masses." (Jdiver)

*There are plenty of better examples out there...Have you had a straw-man thrown your way lately? Throw it in the comment section below.