Thursday, April 21, 2011

Project Ezra: Mission Good Friday

What is Project Ezra?

Project Ezra is an outreach of Living Waters' Ambassadors' Alliance. The mission of Project Ezra is to encourage, equip, and mobilize born again followers of Christ, from around the world, to read the Word of God in public.

The History of Project Ezra

Project Ezra began a week before Easter, 2009. While reading my Bible one afternoon, I read: “Until I come, devote yourself to the public reading of Scripture, to exhortation, to teaching” (1 Timothy 4:13). As I read that verse, I was reminded of the account found in Nehemiah 8:1-8, where Ezra gathers the nation Israel and, for hours, reads the Law of God to the people. And then the thought came to my mind: “What if people around the world gathered on Good Friday to read the account of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ?”

So, with only a few days for people to prepare, I called on my friends on Facebook to join me on Good Friday to read Matthew 26:1-28:20 aloud, in the open-air. The response was amazing. More than 170 people from more than 30 states and several foreign countries participated in the first “Mission Good Friday.” Even more exciting were the testimonies that poured in after the event. Many of the people who participated had never open-air preached. Having stepped so far out of their comfort zones to stand on a box in public and read the Bible aloud, a number of people reported that “Mission Good Friday” was the catalyst and encouragement they needed to try preaching the gospel in the open-air.

The next Project Ezra event was “Sermon on the Mount Saturday,” which was held on May 23, 2009. Once again, more than 170 people from around the world participated. More amazing testimonies came in, with many accounts of people breaking the evangelism sound barrier, as they read God’s Word in the open-air.

"Sermon on the Mount Saturday" was followed by “The True Gift of Christmas,” where once again teams of Christians, from around the country and around the world, gathered to read the Word of God in public. This time the reading was the entire Gospel of John. Once again, many participants broke the sound barrier, sharing the gospel in the open-air for the first time.

Since then, Christians have taken to the street at least once a week or more to read the Word of God in the open-air.

Project Ezra is now led by Dan Beaudoin, an Ambassadors' Academy graduate and one of the leaders of the NorCal Seedsowers.

Join the Effort!

Tomorrow is Good Friday. Unfortunately, the sometimes all-too-pagan Earth Day coincides with this year's special day of remembrance for Christians around the world--a day when Christians remember the loving and sacrificial death of the Lord Jesus Christ. One way you can turn the hearts and minds of people away from worshiping the Earth to worshiping the God who created the Earth is by joining us for the third annual Mission Good Friday.

Simply go to the Project Ezra Facebook page and request to join the team.  Then post on the Facebook page wall where you plan to read Matthew 26-28 aloud, in public.  Dan Beaudion will then add your name to the Mission Good Friday map.  I will be reading in Santa Clarita, CA

I hope you will join me, along with Dan and the rest of the Project Ezra team, to lift up the name of the Lord Jesus Christ tomorrow, on Good Friday, and every week until the Lord returns.