Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Was Wrong (A Retraction)

Recently I posted an article in which I shared a letter I had written to a pastor. The letter was written in response to a conversation I had with a member of the church, regarding the church's efforts at a local "Relay for Life" event. When I asked the church member what the church was doing to get the gospel to the people in attendance, I was told that the church was not there to proselytize.

Today I heard from two of the church's pastors.

The information I was given that day was incorrect. In fact, contrary to what I was told, the church made a strategic effort to present the gospel to attendees, in a manner that was in keeping with the event sponsor's guidelines. The material they made available, some of which I am familiar with, is Christ-centered with a clear and biblical gospel presentation.

I was wrong. I have emailed the pastors to apologize and to ask for their forgiveness.

I apologized for being inpatient by waiting only five days before I posted the letter, instead of waiting a reasonable 10 or more days, by which time I would have heard from the pastors.

I apologized for honing in on the "we're not here to prosyletize" mantra I heard that afternoon from only one person--a mantra I hear all-too-often from Christians, even in the best of churches.

I apologized for any personal or corporate offense I caused to the church family as a result of my blog post.

And I apologize to you, the reader (and again, to the church).

In addition to the above I apologize for posting an article that was ultimately inaccurate, regardless of the information I received at the event that day.

I apologize for not being more discerning and for not taking the time to investigate the matter further before writing about it.

And I apologize for writing an article, which, in the end, did not bring honor and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ.

I alone am responsible; and I am sorry.

To any of my Christian brethren who may have been hurt or offended by the post, please accept my apologies.

Thank you.