Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kirk Cameron Slams Stephen Hawking?

The famed British physicist Stephen Hawking has recently decided to take it upon himself to inform the world "There is no's a fairy story." Hawking's latest provocative statements posed in opposition to the supernatural pushes the antithesis well beyond the boundaries of his previous antagonism unleashed in his last book titled "The Grand Design" in which Hawking surmises that the universe has no need for a Creator. Of course such outlandish claims have been rightfully criticized as nothing more than wishful thinking and speculative conjecture. Perhaps it would do Hawking some good to remember it was his fellow-man the late Astrophysicist Carl Sagan who said: "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence!" It's time for Hawking to name that tune and onus up!

Hawking's hole plummets deeper as he continues to string together a myriad of inflammatory remarks. Most recently:  
"I regard the brain as a computer which will stop working when its components fail. There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers; that is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark."
Hawking's genius has gone to seed. When Kirk Cameron was asked by TMZ to respond to Hawking's latest criticism of the supernatural, Cameron stated:

"To say anything negative about Stephen Hawking is like bullying a blind man. He has an unfair disadvantage, and that gives him a free pass on some of his absurd ideas. Professor Hawking is heralded as 'the genius of Britain,' yet he believes in the scientific impossibility that nothing created everything (Sir Isaac Newton called atheism 'senseless and odious') and that life sprang from non-life. To speak on issues of science and violate it's essential laws is like playing checkers with a someone who changes the rules when he's losing. Why should anyone believe Mr. Hawking's writings if he cannot provide evidence for his unscientific belief that out of nothing, everything came? He says he knows there is no Heaven. John Lennon wasn't sure. He said to pretend there's no Heaven. That's easy if you try. Then he said he hoped that someday we would join him. Such wishful thinking reveals John and Stephen's religious beliefs, not good science. They may imagine all they want, but I lost my faith in atheism long ago and prefer to stay within the realm of reality."

~ Kirk

Well said Kirk! It seems the scientific impossibility that nothing created everything is constantly echoed as the mantra of atheism these days. Have they willfully forgotten the very backbone of science... Causality! Every effect has an adequate cause yet such atheists dismiss the very foundation of science like a hack the moment it doesn't suit them! Causality has been constantly verified and never falsified and to negate it in their times of uncertainty is to be guilty of ad hoc

Even the famed skeptic David Hume has gone down in history stating "I never asserted so absurd a proposition as that anything might arise without a cause.”

Dr. William Lane Craig in a moment of brilliance and humor observed that the atheist's notions of something coming from nothing is like worse than magic!

“I submit to you that it is worse than magic. I mean, at least in magic, when the magician pulls a rabbit out of the hat, you’ve got the hat! And you’ve got the magician! But on atheism, the universe just pops into existence uncaused out of absolutely nothing. I think that takes more faith to believe than theism.”

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