Monday, June 20, 2011

Comment Regulations

We are glad so many people (Christian and non-Christian) are reading this blog. Likewise, we are glad people choose to comment on the various articles. One need not be a Christian to post comments, here. Nor does one have to agree with the content of a given post in order to post a comment.

That being said, no comments will be posted to this blog that are blasphemous or irreverent. This includes writing the name of God, without capitalizing the first letter of His name or title. It matters not whether you believe God exists. This includes any derogatory comments made about God. This is a Christian blog where God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) is exalted. Any attempt to blaspheme God or impugn His character will not be allowed on this blog. Chronic violators will be banned.

Sarcasm is an accepted tactic in debate and discussion. But some people just can't seem to play well with others. Comments that are sarcastic for no other purpose than to demean or insult others will not be allowed on this blog. Chronic violators will be banned.

Unfortunately, I have had to ban several people from commenting on this blog.

In the end, posting comments on this blog is a privilege, not a right. And those who moderate this blog have the authority and discretion to post or delete comments for the reasons already stated, or for any reason they deem appropriate.

The primary purpose of this blog is to bring glory to the Lord Jesus Christ, to edify and equip followers of Christ, and to present the Law and the Gospel to the unsaved.