Saturday, June 18, 2011

God Is Great!

I am presently discipling a young man in my church named Steven. Together, we are working our way through Paul Washer's "The One True God" (Third Edition, p. 31, 2009). Lesson Three begins with this wonderful attestation of the greatness of God.
There is only one God and He alone is great. All other beings and things are totally dependent upon His goodness and strength. If such is the case for even the most esteemed among men and angels, how could we ever attribute greatness to any being or thing other than God? A comparison should never be made between God and any other creature or thing. As the self-existent and infinite Creator, He is infinitely above His dependent and finite creation. The mightiest archangel is no closer to being like God than the tiniest microbe. God is incomparable. In the context of the body of believers, this truth is extremely important. There are no great men or women of God in the Scriptures or in Church history; but only weak, sinful, faithless men and women of a great and merciful God.

Yes, God, the only God, is great!