Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tony's Amplification System

I am often asked about the portable amplification system I use when open-air preaching. I presently use a Revel VoiceAmp. This lightweight, very portable system, which retails for $349.00, has served me well for about two years. It's held up fairly well under the pressures of frequent use.

What I like most about this amplification system, with the included headset microphone, is it allows me to have hands-free operation. Since most of my open-air preaching is done with Bible in hand, not having to hold a microphone is critically important to me. And its waist pack design allows me more mobility than traditional sound systems.

The sound quality of this sound system is fair. Sound quality does get a bit tinny at higher volume levels. But, in my opinion, what you lose in sound quality you gain in portability, convenience, and mobility. And the system is small enough to fit in a standard-size backpack, for transportation.

The stock system has good volume, even with its little 25 amps of power. However, I had mine modified. Instead of a system powered by two 9-volt batteries, mine is powered by two rechargeable remote control car batteries. The modification was made by my friend and Ambassadors' Academy grad, Mike Snyder.

Here's a video Mike produced, which describes how he made the modification to my system.