Monday, August 29, 2011

Spread the Word About!

Today, we unwrapped the official website for the documentary "180." There, you can watch the official trailer and a special message from Ray Comfort. You can also send an email to all your friends about the site, as well as sign up for Living Waters' official weekly email update.

One way you can help us get the word out is by sharing the website on Twitter. And if you "tweet" about the website, please include the #180movie hash tag. And while you are on Twitter, please pay Planned Parenthood (@PPact) a visit. They have lots of followers who I'm sure would be interested to hear about this new documentary. Get creative and get the word out to those who could help to create the most "buzz" about the site and the documentary.

Of course, posting a link to the website on Facebook and Google+ will also be very helpful in spreading the word about the documentary.

And, as we announced on today's show, we are about to mount a world-wide effort to distribute more than 200,000 copies of the documentary on university and college campuses, in a single day.

The regular cast of atheists who visit this blog think they know where we are going and when. Shhhhh! Don't tell them this, but they don't have a clue. :-)

We do expect considerable opposition to this documentary and to the world-wide distribution project. After all, we live in a depraved world and there is a great deal of money involved in the murder of unborn children. For every child saved, abortuaries and organizations like Planned Parenthood lose money.

Unlike atheists who are very small in number and unable to organize a concerted effort of any real consequence, the pro-abortion/pro-murder crowd has considerable financial, political, and personnel resources at their disposal. So, your prayers (Christians) are certainly appreciated.

So, go to Share it with everyone you know, and with people you don't know. It's about time something important like the lives of unborn children trends on Twitter and elsewhere above Lady Gaga, the deceased King of Pop, and a basketball player who changes his name to "World Peace."