Saturday, September 10, 2011

Just a Thought (Confrontation)

Confrontation: "the act of confronting; the state of being confronted; as a face-to-face meeting or the clashing of forces or ideas."

Contrary to what many Christians believe, the word "confrontation," by definition, is a positive term in evangelism. You can't call a person to repent and believe the gospel without confronting sin--without the will and the Word of God confronting the sinful will of man. Every real presentation of the gospel is a clash of forces and ideas--Truth versus error; Light versus darkness; Life versus death.

Yes, the Christian should always strive to speak the truth in love. But without confrontation there can be no true evangelism. So, my fellow evangelists, the next time someone accuses you of "confrontational evangelism" and uses the term in a negative way, politely thank them for lumping you in with the likes Jesus, Peter, John, Stephen, and Paul. And then ask them when they, too, will follow the Lord's lead.

So, if there is no confrontation in your proclamation and presentation of the gospel, are you sure it's the gospel you are sharing with people?