Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thoughts About Open-Air Preaching in 140 Characters or Less

Recently, I shared some thoughts on Twitter regarding open-air preaching. You may or may not agree with any or all of these statement, but they represent (at least in part) what I believe about open-air preaching. Here they are, and in no particular order.

Whose name do people remember when you finish preaching in the open-air? Yours or Christ's? Your name is forgettable. His name is Beautiful!

To what authority do you appeal when you open-air preach? Evidences, illustrations, education? Your authority is the Bible. Preach that!

If you don't fully understand what you're saying when you are open-air preaching, don't expect your listeners to understand. Keep it simple.

Preach the gospel at all times, and when necessary use amplification (author unknown).

Stop arguing with hecklers about the Bible. Tell them they can't understand the Bible on a spiritual level (1 Cor. 2:14) and move on.

If you're not a little nervous when you open-air preach, then you might be a little prideful, a little arrogant, and a little self-absorbed.

Open-air preacher: remember their faces. The people in front of you are not notches in your spiritual belt, but souls in need of the Savior.

Do you continue to engage a heckler who tramples under foot the blood of Christ? Rebuke them and then preach around, over, and through them.

Preach to static lines? Yes! Where they will spend eternity is far more important than that for which they are waiting in line.

90% law and 10% grace? Yes. But 100% of your open-air preaching should point to and exalt Jesus Christ. Get to the cross! Lift up his name!

Fake open-air preachers represent the first half of Phil. 1:15. Real open-air preachers represent the second half. Which one are you?

60 times the Greek word "kerusso" (to preach, herald, proclaim) appears in the NT. It's not evangelism if you're not opening your mouth.

Open-air preacher: if you focus on the size of the crowd, do you really care about the individual souls? Preach to everyone, even one!

Open-air preacher: the power of your voice is nowhere near as important as the content of your message. Be biblical before you're boisterous.

Open-air preacher: if they can't hear the love in your voice or see the love in your eyes, do you really expect them to believe you care?