Sunday, October 30, 2011

A life Saved! - A '180' Testimony

This morning I received the following email via the website.
My Name is Vanessa. A couple months ago while at Santa Monica Pier. A brother in Christ approached my brother and I while we were listening to another brother give the word on a speaker box. After speaking to us he gave us this DVD. At that point no one knew I was expecting. After seeing this video I made the solid decision to proceed and keep my baby. I have since went to live at a maternity home for futher help and to help me be in a safe enviroment for myself and the baby. I have also showed my family the video as well.

My family is happy and supportive. I am 22 weeks along now and trusting in God for my baby's life.

Thank you for your ministry. I have also attached a picture of my most recent ultrasound picture.

I and the rest of the Third Street Heralds evangelism team were preaching the gospel on the pier that day. I had a small quantity of 180 DVDs on hand, which we distributed to people on the pier.

What a wonderful way to start my Sunday--a life saved by a sovereign God who used 180 to convince a young woman to spare her unborn baby's life!

At Living Waters, we are trusting God to, by His sovereign grace and mercy, save not only many more unborn children, but also the souls of men and women who watch the documentary and come to repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.