Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lyle's Lack of Assurance

I went out with the cross to a new intersection, today--the corner of Newhall Avenue and Main Street (Newhall, CA). I prayed the Lord would bless me yet again for an opportunity to share the gospel with someone. He heard my prayer and answered according to His sovereign will.

His name was Lyle. He was probably in his mid-to-late thirties, but he looked much older. Life on the streets and a lifetime of drug addiction has aged him beyond his years. He carried a large trash bag filled with recyclable items. In his free hand, a cigarette that had been lit then extinguished to conserve it for later use. Dirty and disheveled, Lyle approached me and said, "Look, here. I have a question. Can a man lose his salvation?"

What followed was a wonderful fifteen-minute conversation with a man who seemed contrite and in need of help. I hope you will be as blessed to listen to this conversation as I was to be part of it.

Pray for Lyle.

You can also listen to and/or download the audio, here.