Saturday, October 1, 2011

Remember Their Faces

I spent the afternoon on the Santa Monica Pier and Third Street Promenade. My brothers, Pastor Geoff Kirkland and Steve Shafit, were with me. The apathy on both the pier and the promenade was palpable, today. Oh, the gospel was preached multiple times. More than 100 people received the documentary, 180. Several hundred Giant Money tracts were distributed. But there was something in the air and, frankly, in my heart that seemed to make the day less than stellar.

While Pastor Geoff preached, I sat down in the shade and prayed. I asked the Lord's forgiveness for my attitude, for my frustration, for my selfish introspection.

We packed up a little early, today. The batteries in my waist pack sound system wouldn't hold a charge and the crowds were pretty light. And Pastor Geoff and I both sensed the need to be home with our families.

It was in the mid-nineties, today, and yesterday my car's air conditioner decided to die. More frustration, and a reason to shake my head and laugh, on the 45-minute drive home.

I came home and had a wonderful, spiritual conversation with my youngest daughter, Amanda. That helped.

And then, for reasons known only to my Master, I began to think of a video I posted more than three years ago. I began to think of a morning when Amanda joined me as I preached the gospel outside the San Fernando Superior Courthouse.

So, remembering the title of the video, I searched YouTube to find it. I watched it for the first time in I don't know how long. As I watched it, it became apparent why the Lord had brought it to my mind. I hope it will become apparent to you, too, and that it will encourage you as it has encouraged me--yet again.

The faces I will remember from today will include to older, very angry, very profane, very blasphemous women who were not at all pleased that I was preaching the gospel.

I will remember the faces of the residents of a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center who were on the pier and heard the preaching of the gospel.

I will remember the face of the man who gave me a one-finger wave as I talked about the Sovereign Creator and Judge of the Universe.

I will remember the faces of the couple from Calvary Chapel Simi Valley who stopped to listen and to give an encouraging word.

I will remember the faces of some of those who received gospel tracts and immediately stopped walking to read them.

Yes, I will remember their faces. And I will pray for them.