Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Twitteneutics - Day 15

Here's what I've gleaned during my time in God's Word, today.

Don't quit (Galatians 6:9)!

Gods mercy is contingent upon His character, not mine (Psalm 51:1).

I cannot make myself spiritually clean. Only the washing of God can cleanse me from sin (Psalm 51:2).

While others sometimes suffer the fallout of my sin, God is the One whom I sin against. He is the offended party (Psalm 51:4).

No matter how dark the days, joy can be found in the reality of salvation. Lord give me a willing spirit (Psalm 51:12)!

Helping others to overcome sin and spiritual darkness through your own example of repentance is an act of worship (Psalm 51:13-14).

Brokenness and genuine contrition are the marks of true repentance. Anything less is little more than worldly sorrow (Psalm 51:17).

Oh, Lord. Too often I have not led by example in this area (Prov 20:3). Help me to be more honorable.

Lord, surround me with men of understanding so that through accountability the true intentions of my heart will be brought to light (Prov 20:5).

To refer to any mere man as "Your Holiness" is to blaspheme God. For God alone is holy (1 Sam 2:2)!

I think it's safe to say that the second oldest profession is that of the religious leader that knows not God or His Word (1 Sam 2:12-25).

How sinful for me to fear man, circumstances, or anything in life when the Creator of everyone and everything is my Comforter (Isa 51:12-16).

In light of Paul's response, I wonder if today's Christian can justify speaking evil about our government leaders (Acts 23:1-5).