Monday, October 17, 2011

Twitteneutics - Day 18

Here's what I gleaned from the Word of God this morning.

The use of tragic events in evangelism is as timely and relevant today as it was when Jesus employed the tactic (Luke 13:1-5).

The truth of God and His Word always puts the hypocrite to shame, whether he or she is ever humble enough to admit it (Luke 13:10-17).

The infinite God has set a finite amount of time during which He will save people. Sadly more will perish than will be saved (Luke 13:22-30).

God hardens the hearts of those He will subsequently judge. That we may not understand or even like it is irrelevant (Exodus 7:3-4). God is God!

God is sovereign and, at the same time, man is responsible for His sins against God (Exodus 7:16). The unbeliever can't comprehend this truth.

Christian: you have no strength. You have no power. What you have is the Lord's strength and His power, which is infinitely better (Ephesians 6:10).

Christian: there is only one piece of armor that is both offensive and defensive--the Word of God. Are you daily training with that weapon (Ephesians 6:17)?

Prayer is the most forgotten and neglected piece of spiritual armor. Train with it daily so you will turn to it an use it often (Ephesians 6:18).

There are no evangelist mimes! You CANNOT share the gospel unless you open your mouth and proclaim the gospel (Ephesians 6:19-20).

Christian: if you don't warn lost people of God's impending, fierce wrath you don't care that His wrath is what awaits them (Revelation 14:17-20).

OA Preacher: Don't respond in kind to hecklers. Kindly and firmly show them their error to crush their arrogance and ignorance (Proverbs 26:4-5).

That America gets what she wants in the electoral process is, in some ways, the meting out of God's wrath against a sinful nation (1 Samuel 8:7-9).

In describing the king's rule over Israel, 5 times Samuel used the phrase "He will take." There is nothing new under the sun (1 Samuel 8:13-17).

Vote pro-choice? Don't go crying to God when u are disappointed by the candidates you put into office. God's not listening (1 Samuel 8:18).

God is omnipresent. He is in Heaven above, and in the contrite redeemed heart below (Isaiah 57:15).

No imputed righteousness, no peace! There is no peace for the wicked unredeemed (Isaiah 57:21). Repent and believe the gospel!