Tuesday, November 15, 2011

180 Exposes the Dark Side of the Pro-Choice Movement

We've received literally thousands of emails in response to "180," via the 180Movie.com website. the overwhelming majority of them have been positive. But there have also been hundreds of negative responses. Most of the negative ones make the same, old, tired arguments in favor of killing unborn children in the womb. Some are so disgusting that one cannot read them and deny the depravity of man. Still others just leave you scratching your head to the point that the only response I can muster is, "I'm so glad your mother didn't think the way you do when she was carrying you in her womb."

Today, however, we received an email that is best described as chilling. It's an email that exposes the dark side of the pro-choice movement.
Let me begin by saying I was raised catholic and even had a confirmation. Went to church every sunday with my parents, and have been a good person all in all, I saw your 180 video and must say I completely disagree, heres why: Its OK to kill a baby in the womb when... There are 7 billion (or 7 thousand million) human beings in the world, the majority of which are living unsustainably. Abortion is at least slowing the human population growth (US population would likely be over 400million without Roe vs Wade).Genocide and war also help lower the population but it should never have to come to that.The difference is that a baby hasnt experienced life, hasnt felt love or happiness, all it is higly evolved endoparasite with undefined potential. Genocide and war involve killing, which is robbing people and their loved ones of life (and the feelings associated with it), this is not right, but it does help reach the final goal. Hitler had the right Idea, but he was too Machiavellian with his "ends justify the means" mentality, and did not the chose the right method (too impatient if you ask me). Selective breeding of people with high IQs, strong immune systems, and athletic abilities, and sterilization of the rest, would create a new raze of super-human beings and lower natality rate. Smarter stronger humans would work more efficiently and a world economy could be supported without such a high population and toll on the earth. We are a pest to this planet and all those who dont realize that, or who value human life are simply naive and blind to reality. Argue with that... Think about it, you can save all the immature lives you want... ultimately youre accelerating the deaths of many many more mature lives. Preach abstinance,thats time better spent... or change circumscision into castration... I dont know, I feel if everyone got on my bandwagon the world would be a better place: Only the smart and strong would bear the economic burden (rewarded with the blessing of having a child/genes passed on), the dumb and weak would slowly fade off, being able to work and spend their money on themselves. Polution, consumption, poverty, animal cruelty, among other world problems would eventually disappear, especially with greater minds being able to takle these problems.
This is the side of the pro-choice movement the pro-choice movement doesn't want you to see.

Based on the wording of the email, it is obvious the person who wrote the email considers himself among the "greater minds" who would be part of a master race bred, in part, by the murder of millions of unborn children. Interestingly, even a cursory look at the email reveals no less than nineteen grammatical mistakes. So much for "greater minds." (Note: I'm sure there's a few typos in this post. But I don't claim to be a "greater mind.")

What I do appreciate about the email is the candor with which the writer articulates his Eugenics/Planned Parenthood worldview. Most pro-choice people who think this way do not have the courage of their convictions to express them publicly.

It's emails like the one above that deepen my resolve to make sure "180" finds its way into the hands of as many high school and college students as possible. And here's how you can help.