Tuesday, November 15, 2011

180 is Changing People from Pro-Choice to Pro-Life

"The proof is in the pudding," as they say. The hearts and minds of people around the world are being changed! People are moving from a pro-choice to a pro-life point of view, as a result of "180."

Here's just one example:
A month ago I was assigned a research paper. The topic was, Should Abortion be legalized? I was "Pro Choice" when I started this paper, I accepted abortion in cases of rape and incest or if a woman's health were at risk. I was introduced to this movie by way of my Pastor's wife. I watched hoping I would find material for my paper supporting "my views". I never thought I would have to re-write my entire paper from a "Pro Life" point of view. This movie changed my views halfway through!!! Four points my Professor wanted four points she got. (1) An unborn baby in alive from the moment of conception. (2) Religious people find abortion "unethical". (3) Women seek abortion for selfish purposes. (4) "180" -- The movie that changed my opinion on abortion. I e-mailed her the link to this movie. I also recommended it to a classmate who is Pro Choice.
The young lady who sent the email to us, via 180movie.com, changed her mind. But, as you can see from the email, the impact of "180" did not stop with one student's research paper. Her classmates and teacher have now also been exposed to the life-changing, life-saving message of "180."

It is critically important we get "180" into the hands of high school and college/university students. The young people of this present generation are being indoctrinated to believe that abortion is not only ethical, but laudable. We can change that by distributing "180" on college and university campuses, and outside of high schools.

Join the effort!