Friday, November 18, 2011

'180' Saves Unborn Baby's Life as Mother and Father Change from Pro-Choice to Pro-Life After Watching

This just in! We've received word that another unborn baby has been saved as a result of an expectant mother and her boyfriend watching "180." The couple is no longer pro-choice because of the compelling arguments made in "180." And once again, the Lord has used Alicia, who is interviewed in "180," to help change people's hearts.

Here's the story:

"Just wanted to share with you that a young girl (20 years old) I work with announced that she was pregnant and was a little worried about my reaction once she told me. Probably because I'm an assistant pastor at a local church. I wasn't upset with her, but rather more surprised that she was pregnant when she had told me previously that she broke up with her boyfriend, [then to] learn he's the father.

"Well, they both saw this movie and are both firmly convicted about not having an abortion. She kept saying the blonde girl in the film really brought it home for her, to really understand that it was wrong to murder a child like that. [The young girl] recently had an ultrasound and heard her baby's heartbeat too and she's committed to delivering this baby, and that she and her boyfriend will raise the child together. Thank you for making this compelling film and what it has done to change the hearts and minds of many people, especially the power of the Gospel that makes all the difference, for time and for eternity."