Friday, November 18, 2011

9th Grader Uses '180' in Speech Class to Sway Fellow Students to be Pro-Life

More reports are coming to Living Waters from high school students who are using "180" to make a pro-life stand for the unborn, in their schools. This just in from a young lady who is taking a speech and debate class.

"I'm a 9th grader, and I am in the speech and debate class in my school. We are required to give a monthly speech, and for this month I chose to do my speech 180 Movie style. I used tactics similar to Mr. Comfort's in the movie, of course making it work as best I could for a speech. Even after watching the movie many times, I was surprised at how effective it was. Needless to say, my whole debate class is pro-life now. Tomorrow, I will be giving this speech at an actual debate tournament. Dozens of people will hear it. 180 Movie is an amazing resource, and it's tactics are the best I've used. Thank you for making it and sharing it with us. God bless."

Our hope and prayer is that many more high school students around the world will follow this young lady's lead (again, she's only in 9th grade) and courageously bring the life-changing, life-saving message of "180" to their schools.