Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Comparing Abortion to the Holocaust: Public High School Class Sees 180!

I was very excited to receive the following email, yesterday:
I gave my history teacher a 180 movie card and a couple days later he showed the video to the class. He introduced the video as a video [comparing] the holocaust and abortion. After watching the video, we had a class discussion on how it changes your perspective on both the holocaust and abortion.
I had a phone conversation with the high school student who sent the above email. Here are a few more details.

The student attends Northridge Academy High School, which is a public high school that operates under a cooperative effort between the Los Angeles Unified School District and California State University Northridge. Northridge Academy is a relatively new high school, opening its doors in 2004. Presently, 1,070 students are enrolled at the school.

As the student stated in her email, she handed her 11th grade history class teacher a 180 business card. Two days later, and to the student's surprise, the teacher announced to the class that he was going to show them a documentary that compares the Holocaust to abortion. According to the student, the teacher told the class of 40 students that "180" was the best documentary about the holocaust he had ever seen.

The teacher proceeded to screen the entire documentary to the class, which means every student in the class also heard the gospel!

According to the student, a good and spirited conversation about the holocaust and abortion followed the screening of the documentary.

Are you a high school student? Can you, will you follow the lead of this courageous young lady and give the "180" DVD or business card to your teachers? How about to your fellow students?

We need the help of high school students everywhere to get the life-changing, life-saving messages of "180" to the students and faculty of every high school, in the world.

Let's get to work!