Friday, November 18, 2011

Model Uses '180' to Bring the Truth about Abortion to TV Show Producer

Yesterday, we received the following email from a young women who works as a model. Read, now, how she used "180" to bring the truth about abortion to a TV show producer.

"Hi. My name is Christina Boudreau. I am a 21 year old eating disorder survivor who became a plus size model to help change the unrealistic image that the world calls beauty for Jesus Christ. God has called me to influence those in the media who have great influence for HIS GLORY. Today I had the opportunity to model for TJ Maxx on a fashion segment on the 'Good Day L.A.' TV show.

"Yesterday as I was praying about how God wanted to use me today on set, he put it on my heart to give a copy of the 180 video to the producer at 'Good day L.A.' My mission usually when going on set for a modeling job is to share the gospel with the models, and to point them to the only perfect beauty in this world--Jesus Christ. But today he had a different mission for me. It was to influence the influential in the media by showing them, through the 180 video, that abortion is wrong.

"'Good Day L.A.' is a very worldly, secular, liberal TV show. But today I know that God used an ordinary person like me to influence those who speak into the homes of millions of people for HIS glory.

"Thank you Ray and EZ for inspiring a young person like me to make a difference in my generation. Please be praying that God will use that video, and this campaign on the TV show, so that more people will know the truth."

Thank you, Christina, for having the faith, hope, courage, and love to bring the life-saving, life-changing message of 180 to the secular model and television industries.