Friday, November 11, 2011

Taking "180" to High Schools!

That's right. While our college/university campus distribution for 180 was a huge success, we're not stopping there. Our next stop is high school campuses around the world. High school campuses are are the front lines of the battle for the hearts and minds of this generation. Kids are being lied to about life in the womb. Students are being told by various sources that a child growing in the womb is not a human being deserving, as much as they are, the right to life. It's time to help high school students hear and see the truth about abortion--the murder of unborn children.

We are calling all Christians everywhere to join us in the fight to stop abortion and to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ top this lost generation.

Here's how you can join the effort to bring 180 to high school students.

Let's get to work!