Monday, March 5, 2012

Christians Shouldn't Dance With The Stars

All-too-often, famous Christians dance with the stars. In other words, when given the opportunity to proclaim biblical truth in front of a live, television audience they too often swing and miss. They would rather dance with the stars (show hosts, interviewers, news reporters, and pundits) than proclaim the truth.

Too often high profile Christians seem to hesitate--almost as if they are silently contemplating what their answer might cost them personally, professionally, or financially--before answering tough questions about their Christian faith. And then, when they do answer, they sheepishly qualify their answers or skirt the issue, seemingly caring more about their public persona than where lost people will spend eternity.

Today, Kirk Cameron finds himself in a bit of hot water with the liberal media and depravity-driven homosexual lobby for comments he made on the Piers Morgan Tonight program. Here's an excerpt of what he said.

I praise God that Kirk opted to speak the truth instead of dancing with the stars. He took and held the biblical high ground, and Piers Morgan knew it. Here's what Morgan had to say about Kirk's comments.

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While Morgan is ignorant regarding the Christian worldview, he recognizes integrity and consistency when he sees it--a rarity in Hollywood.

I hope the next time a well-known Christian--genuine or professing--takes their place in front of the camera they will follow Kirk's lead. For, Christians shouldn't dance with the stars.