Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Words of Christ Stun a Muslim

The hecklers were out in force this morning, as I preached the gospel outside the North Hollywood Metro Station--hecklers like the young man pictured above who asserted that he and everyone else is perfect, right before he admitted to being a liar.

The two hecklers pictured above were an interesting pair. The man claimed to be a Christian and couldn't stand what I was doing. And the young lady, a worshiper of a god of her own making, insisted I was judgmental.

There was this lady (pictured above) who rushed toward me to declare me intolerant.

Then I met a young man who made the rantings of all of the hecklers, today, seem utterly meaningless. His name was Ali--a respectful, thoughtful, quiet, 17-year-old Muslim who had a question. "Does Jesus claim to be God anywhere in the Bible?" That question led to an exposition of John 8:48-59.

By the time I finished, Ali seemed stunned.

I recorded the entire open-air and the subsequent conversation conversation with Ali--all one hour and twelve minutes of it.

I do hope you will take the time to listen. You will hear the give and take with several dramatically different people, and probably the best conversation I have had with a Muslim, to date.