Monday, May 14, 2012

Why The Message Of '180' Is So Urgent

This morning we received the following tragic email via the Heart Changer website. It is a reminder of why the message of 180 remains so very urgent.
"Dear whoever came up with this and whoever is getting this. You just gave me a 180... but not the way you expected. If anything you have almost completely turned me against Christianity all together. I am 16 and pregnant. The father, a man very well known and loved in the church. They find out I'm pregnant with his kid and he's done. He has a disability that makes it so he cannot handle stress. He is an amazing man and I love him to pieces. But we cannot handle this right now and my belief is that if it is meant to happen it will happen again. !@#$% you guys. I'm deffinately getting an abortion now. God Bless."
I immediately responded with the following email:
Dear Jane (not her real name),

Thank you so much for writing us. You, your boyfriend, and your unborn child are in our prayers.

It saddens me that you would choose to kill your baby because you are angry with the church or with the documentary, 180. By what standard of goodness can you possibly justify the killing of your child, in order to express your anger?

I can understand how scary it is to be only 16-years-old and pregnant. I have known other young ladies in your exact same position. But the fact that you and your boyfriend "cannot handle this right now" is in no way justification to punish your baby for it. You have alternatives to killing your baby. And one of those alternatives is adoption.

Killing your baby will not soothe your conscience. Killing your baby will only make your present pain worse. Killing your baby will not bring the forgiveness you need from God, for the sinful acts that led to the existence of your child. And no child deserves death for the sins of their mother and father.

If the father of your child is encouraging and/or pressuring you to have an abortion, it matters not how well-known or well-respected he is in the eyes of church people. He is not a man of God and he is not the man for you. A loving, courageous, God-honoring man would make the right decision--one that would preserve the life of the baby you now carry in your womb. If he really loves you, then he will not suggest or pressure you to do something that will result in the death of his child and will scar you emotionally, and possibly physically, for life. If your boyfriend wants you to have an abortion it is because he is selfish and not loving.

If your love for this young man would drive you to kill your baby, then your love for this young man is sinful in the eyes of God.

Jane, you do not become a mother when your baby is born. You are a mother, right now. The baby in your womb is your child. The baby is your son or your daughter who will love you more than any person in their life. The safest place for a child is supposed to be their mother’s womb. Your womb is not designed by God to be a place where death sentences are carried out. You womb, created by Almighty God, should be the safest place for your children--for this baby.

Jane, you know what I am telling you is true. I can say this because you and I both know that God has given you a conscience. You know it is wrong to murder. You know it is wrong to take the life of your baby because you are angry or scared. You know it is wrong to take the life of your baby for any reason. Your baby has as much right to life as you and your boyfriend. But your baby can do nothing to defend himself or herself. As a mother, you are the one who is most responsible to defend and protect your baby. Again, you know this is true.

Jane, we are praying you reconsider. We are praying you do what you know in your heart is right. We pray you allow your baby to live. If you cannot raise a child at this point in your life, then we pray you will love your baby enough to allow parents who can raise your child to adopt your child.

We are also praying you will stop blaming the church or a documentary for your own sins. Your only hope for forgiveness is to turn from your sin and receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. The sin of fornication (sex outside of marriage) is forgivable. And anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you.

God can forgive your sin, Jane. But you must come to Him on His terms, not your own. You must repent (turn from your sin and turn to God) and by faith receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

He will cast your sins away, as far as the east is from the west, and He will remember them no more. Instead of His punishment against sin, which is eternity in Hell, you will receive grace, mercy, forgiveness, and true love from the only One who can forgive your sins and grant you everlasting life.

Jesus’ death on the cross and His resurrection made it possible for you to receive forgiveness. There is nothing you have done that is beyond God’s ability to forgive and wash away. God can wash away your sins because of the shed blood of Jesus Christ, on the cross.

Turn to Christ and live, Jane. He will save you.

Please show your baby the kind of love God will show you if you repent and believe the gospel. Please allow your baby to live.

I hope to hear from you.
Please pray for Jane--for her salvation and for the life of her baby. And please pray 180 will continue to impact the world, for the life of the unborn and for the souls of people all over the world.