Wednesday, June 20, 2012

'Death Camps' in the United States: Is There One Near You?

Above is a photo of a group of gypsies, new arrivals at the Belzec death camp. The camp was located in occupied Poland and operated from March 17, 1942 to the end of June 1943. The city of Belzec served as the headquarters for the primary Jewish extermination effort in Poland. An estimated 430,000 and 500,000 Jews are believed to have been systematically slaughtered at Belzec, along with an unknown number of Poles.

The Belzec death camp was not located in obscure place--Lublin, which today is the largest city east of the Vistula River, in Poland. While there may have been little the non-combatant citizens of Belzec could do at the time to stop the carnage take place in their backyard, there were also likely those who simply buried their heads in the sand. It is well-documented that German citizens living near the death camps in their cities were in denial about what went on inside the barbed-wired and electrified fences.

This is a picture of one of the entrances to a "death camp" in Downey, CA, just a few miles away from Living Waters headquarters. The address is: 8635 Firestone Blvd., Ste. 100 Downey, CA 90241. An organization has brazenly compiled and publicized a list of 400 such "death camps." To be sure, there are many, many more than 400 'death camps' in the United states. And there is likely one near you.

The location on Firestone Boulevard, along with the other 399 locations listed, are listed by an organization called Abortion Clinics Online. Organizations like this one are no different than those who ran Operation Reinhardt in Poland, 70 years ago. The location on Firestone Boulevard is an abortuary--a 'death camp' for the unborn. And it is situated in a densely populated area, along one of the busiest streets in town.

Here are some reviews the Downey abortuary has received from their "clients."
"They scheduled my appointment at 4:20 and wasnt even seen till after 5 and there was hardly people even there. Not cool when your already scared about what your doing. I had to just sit and wait and have the whole thing play into my mind over and over. With something like this I really wish it would have been quick. The following week was quick which was better but the first day wasnt all that great. The Staff was ok."

"I like that everything was done fast didn't really had to wait that long and the people that work there are really nice people."

"[It] was a sad experience but was treated well and no pain whatsoever."

"This place is so organized and gets you in and out fast unlike a lot of other places that do abortions. Could've had a longer recovery time though."
My heart was both sickened and grief stricken to read the testimony of mothers who murdered their babies. Most commented with a tenor of writing akin to completing a survey for a restaurant they visited or the cable guy that came to their house. Matter of fact; cold; indifferent; unattached. Maybe what they wrote was not indicative of what was really going on in their heart and mind. One can only hope.

It's time for me to do more than comment and encourage. I've got to do something about the "death camp" just up the street from my office. Babies are not being gassed in the abortuary up the street, like the Jews in Belzec were 70 years ago; but they are being systematically murdered just the same. I've got to do something--something that will save the lives of the unborn and bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the doctors, nurses, receptionists, mothers, and fathers who co-conspire to murder innocents.

To Be Clear: Any action taken to stop abortion must follow the biblical mandate to love both our neighbors (Romans 13:10) and our enemies (Luke 6:27-28). Vigilantism is not supported anywhere in Scripture (Romans 12:19; Hebrews 10:30). In fact, Jesus rebuked Peter for trying to take the law in his own hands (Matthew 26:51-53). Any effort by the Christian to end the global holocaust of abortion must be accomplished in a manner keeping with the Word of God (1 John 5:2) and with conformity to the image of Jesus Christ (Romans 8:29).

Stay tuned.

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