Saturday, June 30, 2012

NoHo Metro Open-Air Audios for June 30, 2012

Richard Henry is a member of Calvary Bible Church, in Burbank, CA. Calvary Bible has one of the finest evangelism teams in Southern California. Richard contacted me via email in response to a request I made for someone to join me and my team at the North Hollywood Metro Station, and to serve as the team's videographer. I met Richard for the first time this morning.

I usually don't allow anyone with whom I am unfamiliar, especially someone I am meeting for the first time, stand on my box or behind my pulpit to preach in the open-air. But, I make rare exceptions if the person, like Richard, comes recommended by a church or school (such as The Master's Seminary), or evangelist I know and respect.

Richard was understandably and appropriately nervous when I asked him if he wanted to preach for the first time. I prayed for Richard, and then he stepped behind my pulpit. Here's the audio of Richard breaking the "sound barrier."

Today was the second Saturday I was joined by Richard and Telda Peskett. Richard is a student at The Master's Seminary. Richard and Telda are from Great Britain.

This morning, Richard felt as I have felt many times--ill-prepared and lacking the motivation to preach. We prayed together, and Richard stepped behind the pulpit to preach. What I heard was not a man who was ill-prepared and unmotivated. I heard a man who was passionate about the gospel and reaching the lost with the life-saving message of Jesus Christ.

I've only known Richard and Telda for a couple of weeks; but I've quickly seen what a special couple they are, and that Richard is gifted to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Here's his open-air from this morning.

I was blessed to preach twice this morning. My first open-air, which I hope to upload to YouTube soon, was based on 1 Peter 2:18-24. My second open-air, which is the below audio, was based on 1 Timothy 1:8-11.

One of the great blessings this morning, which is becoming a regular occurrence, is the number of English and Spanish bibles we gave away. We probably went through thirty or more bibles, today. I see the giving away of bibles is an indication to me that people are listening and, on some level, being affected by the preaching.

It was another wonderful morning of evangelism and fellowship at the North Hollywood Metro Station.