Friday, August 24, 2012


Hi great folks at OTB,

My name is Madeline, I'm 34, and until today I was agnostic.

Two days ago, I checked out the show, because of Sarah (you remember she got saved only 3 weeks ago- she was agnostic, also) and I remember passing Ray twice in CA, while he open-air preached. Never stopped to listen though, should have. :)

I believed so many things, that were illogical. I was asked, if I would mind talking about why I was agnostic? Didn't mind one bit. The person I was talking with in private message on chat, turned every question/objection around on me, with another question for me. It's pretty dumb to look at Creation and say there is no Creator; he did a GREAT job of showing me my fallacy in that belief.

Specifically, using the word 'if', because I said you "can't be sure".  I was "very sure" that you "can't be sure".  So he asked, "Is there a possibility you could be wrong then?" If I would have answered "no" I wouldn't have looked smart. My belief was perfectly illogical.

Remember that song with the lyrics, "Imagine there's no heaven, it's easy if you try..."?   Yes, that was me.   Stating the Truth, and using the word 'if' is very much needed when speaking to someone like me. I was agnostic for years. It's shocking how that all changed in a little less than 2 hrs of chatting. That's most definitely God!

I was confronted with the Ten Commandments. It's unbelievable how that makes you feel on the inside.  I repented of my sins and trusted in Jesus tonight. I couldn't take the thought that I'd sinned against God, the guilt, the fear and thought of going to hell. It's humbling. The tears that go with that is overwhelming. We certainly don't deserve heaven. Did that at 7pm. My pride got in the way of doing it right after chat.. Made total sense though, and it's scary to think what I believed before. I really had been blinded to the fact of heaven and hell. Guilt is gone now. The Cross is SO wonderful, and in Jesus you have a refuge. What a wonderful Saviour!

Before today, I actually never heard the least not like that. Yes, you hear all the time that "Jesus died for you." John 3:16 - but I didn't understand it. I can attest to the fact, you have to be shown what you need saved from, before John 3:16 makes sense. Bad news, before the Good News. More people should be doing it, and I am going to learn how.

It's ONLY God who could have saved me out of my belief. It was God who drew me to himself. I would have been perfectly fine, to stick with what I believed.

I'm Eternally grateful to those in chat, who reached out to me and shared the Truth. You have a great group, of wonderful Christian people in the chat room! :D

Wow. Liz first got saved, because of On The Box and people in chat. Sarah second, because of the show, people in chat, and Tony's emails. And now me. Amazing.  I'll be inviting my friends! :)

Please, please share my story with others!

Thank you for your show. ~Madeline   :D
P.S-  '180' is great. Will be sharing it with others.