Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Words of Comfort: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

We published this photo in a recent Weekly Update but thanks to our talented graphic artist, we can have a much more detailed look at it. This is Manuel, Ray's Personal Assistant, open-air preaching in the south of France. Let's have a look at the photo noting some pointers:

1. The crowd of listeners. Open-air preaching can reach more sinners in 30 minutes than the average church does in a year. What are the chances of this people walking into a church service? We must take the gospel to them—to the streets.

2. The elevation. Manuel is standing on a box. People will see him from far and wonder, "What does he have to say?" Take a look at the crowd, it is not too close and not too far.

3. The easel/posters. Having some trivia questions and illustrations always help to capture the attention of people passing by and visually get the crowd's attention.

4. Acoustics. The building in front helps capture sound. The voice can get carried away several yards.

5. The “heckler.” A heckler helps to grow a crowd in a matter of minutes. Pick someone that has boldly answered the trivia questions. Have him stand between you and the crowd and let him vent out his arguments about atheism or evolution.

6. The use of The Good Test. The whole crowd is listening to your discussion with the heckler. Now is the time to take the conversation from his intellect (debate) to his conscience. "Do you think you are a good person?" The heckler will say, "Of course!" and now you can take him through the Commandments to bring knowledge of sin and make a way for the good news of the gospel.

7. The smiling faces of the listeners. Manuel relates to the crowd in the natural realm. And by using a little humor, the crowd enjoys the time. Their smiles will draw other people to come close and listen to the gospel.

8. The swing to the spiritual. You can be asking trivia questions and giving $1 for every right answer. And then, you announce the big price of $5 for the person who proves to be a good person. That's when you cross-over to the Commandments.

9. The distracted man in the front—keep up the energy to hold attention. Be loud without screaming and bold without judging. And even if some seem to be distracted, it can very well be that they are feeling a bit uncomfortable because their conscience is waking up.

10. The lady with the mirror. Unsaved people are unconcerned about eternity. We have to bring it before them, and with God’s help awaken them.

11. The lady looking intently into the mirror. The Law is like a mirror. It reflects truth and shows the detail of our sins.

12. The little child listening. Keep the message clear and simple enough for a child to understand it. Don’t get distracted by deep theology or apologetic rabbit trails.

There is no higher calling than to follow in the footsteps of the Savior, and preach in the open-air.

Make sure you follow Manuel on Twitter or check out this website to see what he is doing in Europe.