Friday, September 14, 2012

Words of Comfort: “For Ever…”

I recently met a man named “Ever.” He was in his early 20’s and was at our ministry fixing our Server. I gave him a copy of the “180” video and asked him if he thought that there was an afterlife. When he enthusiastically said that he did, I asked him if he was a Christian. He again responded with a wholehearted “Yes!” But when I inquired further, he said that he hadn’t been born again. I explained the new birth, saying that the difference between someone who was born again and someone who wasn’t, was like the difference between a man who is wearing a parachute and one who isn’t. They both seem to be in the same state, until they jump 10,000 feet out of the plane. I then took him through the Ten Commandments and explained the cross. He was very grateful, so I gave him my book Out of the Comfort Zone and took delight in signing it, “For Ever…”

A short time later he approached me and asked where he could find a certain place in our building. I began to explain which doors to go through, but stood up from my chair and said, “Why don’t I just take you there, so that you won’t get lost!”

May God help us to stop whatever we are doing to take sinners to the foot of the cross. That’s what I did for Ever, and those of us who have already been saved will be forever grateful that someone took them by the hand to explain the wonderful truths of the gospel.