Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Words of Comfort: Hot Dog for Dinner

I was moved as I watch a clip about a man in Florida who loved his dog. His name was Steve Gustafson (the man that is). His dog’s name was “Bounce.” But “Lunch” would have been a more appropriate name. While the 66 year-old was out walking with Bounce, he was pounced on by a seven foot hungry alligator and dragged into the water (the dog that is). Steve yelled “You’re not going to get her!” and immediately did a belly flop on top of the alligator, and managed to free the dog from the beast’s jaws.

While the canine was no doubt a little down in the mouth about the incident, his brave master was elated and escaped with just a few bruises and scratches. What brought a tear to my eyes was what the Alligator Hunter said: “What choice did I have? That’s my best friend. I didn’t think. You just react.” Such is the power of love.

Love drove Jesus to the cross, and love will drive us to take sinners to its blood-stained foot for salvation from the hungry jaws of death and Hell.

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