Monday, October 15, 2012


The publisher of my new book Made in Heaven is offering 50 FREE digital iTunes downloads of the book to 50 winners!

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Excerpt from Made in Heaven: Man’s Indiscriminate Stealing of God’s Amazing Design:

Do you ever think about flies, or eyes, or skies, or birds, nerds, words, or tress bees, and even knees- with their remarkable ball-and-socket joints and their smoother-than-oil synovial fluid that keeps everything moving efficiently? Have you ever looked deeply into your own eyes in a mirror or studied the dexterity of your hands and thought about how you are “fearfully and wonderfully made”?

Our problem is that we don’t consider creation in any real depth, and we give even less thought to the Creator. We are truly blind, and we will stay in that state until we humble ourselves and have our eyes opened through the new birth (see John 3:1–6). When I became a Christian at the age of 22, everything suddenly looked different. I was no longer blind. The trees looked different. The sunrise looked different. I looked at all of nature differently. I saw that every branch, every tree, every leaf was lifting up its arms in praise to the God who made it! The early morning birds sang His praises. The colorful and fragrant flowers radiated with vibrant life and opened their faces to His glory. The tiny ant screamed of the genius of Almighty God. Everything looked different because I was different. I was a new person with a new heart and new desires, having the eyes of my understanding enlightened. In a moment of time I was no longer blind, deaf, and dumb . . . and so my soul is about to make its boast in the Lord. I hope you hear what this book says and are glad — because you look beyond the painting and see the Painter.  –Ray Comfort

Made in Heaven contains 32 examples of how science has stolen from God’s amazing design. Join us as we look at a few of the discoveries inspired by God’s created world, and imagine what future medicines, innovations, and mysteries will be impacted- all based on divine design.

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