Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Words of Comfort: Eternal Life for Dummies

I once brought pizza for more than 40 atheists and we had about an hour of Q & A. During that time one very earnest woman asked why animals were subject to suffering and death. When she asked the question, the other atheists suddenly burst into applause. I asked why they were clapping, because it wasn’t a “gotcha” moment. 

I agreed with her inquiry as to why innocent animals had to suffer and die. It was the sight of my dog being struck by a car (when I was 18 years old) and then having to be put down, which wakened me out of my dream world. I didn’t think too deeply before that time. I was struck myself with the impacting revelation that death comes to every living thing. To will come to trees, fleas, frogs, dogs, cats, bats, cows, and flowers. If it has a heartbeat, it will eventually stop. If it draws breath, it will eventually expire. Everything will die because God cursed the entire creation because of sin, right down to its very atoms. Yet, in His incredible mercy, He offers us everlasting life on this wonderful earth, free forever from the Genesis curse of suffering and death…and what sort of dummy would I be to refuse that gift?

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