Monday, October 22, 2012

Words of Comfort: Oh No!

I once sat behind Mark Spence, one of our talented film editors, and we together made ten edits to a new documentary called “Genius.” As he made each change, I more than put a line through each one on my notepad; I put about ten lines through it and then scribbled over it in a form of doodling. After we completed all ten, he suddenly stopped working and said, “Oh no! I’ve been on the wrong file. Nothing has been edited on the master file. What was that list again?” I looked down at my page of scribble and didn’t answer. It was illegible. However, when I lifted the page up to the direct sunlight, I thankfully could make out the list.

As we go through life, we have the attitude that even though we broke a Commandment here and there, it was in the past. It is done, and finished. We were wrong, but that’s all been erased through time, and is now out of sight and mind. But nothing is gone in God’s eyes without the shedding of blood, and it was His sacrifice in Christ that meant that sin could not just be covered, but annihilated. If your sins are not completely washed away by the Savior’s blood, the powerful sunlight of God’s Law will seek it out, and it will be the evidence of your guilt and damnation.

Whatever your excuse is for not coming to the foot of the cross, please, cast it away and repent and trust in Jesus today.

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