Monday, October 1, 2012

Words of Comfort: What a Pain

I noticed that one of the doors at our ministry had a high-tech security lock, but I surmised that if I was a burglar, I would be able to easily break a six inch wide glass panel on the door, reach in and open the handle. It seemed ridiculous to me that yet anyone could see the inside handle through the glass. Rather than going to the expense of buying a completely new door, I had an idea. I would cut a piece of wood slightly larger in size to the three foot glass panel, paint it the same color as the door, and then secure it over the glass panel on the inside of the door. That would mean that the handle couldn’t be seen through the glass, and no one would break the glass panel and let themselves in. It was a simple fix. Rather than screw the wooden panel onto the door, I would use small thin nails. I had sense of satisfaction that I was solving the problem professionally, at a low cost. The painted panel fit perfectly over the glass, and I found nails that were the just the right length. I hammered them in, and then called Sue to see my workmanship. As she stood on the outside of the door, she pointed out that I had broken the glass panel.

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