Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Words of Comfort: You Can Do This!

I made the mistake of not looking at the subject of a one-hour radio interview until the day before the interview. It was “How would the Apostle Paul vote in the coming election?” I wondered how I would fill an entire hour. When the host cut to me, the only thing missing was a drum roll. When he asked “So Ray, how would the Apostle Paul vote?” I said, “I have no idea!” and made a few jokes about a new wave of “What Would Paul Do?” wrist-bands. Then I said that I thought that although Paul would become involved in the political process, his real agenda would be to reach to this Hell-bound world with the message of everlasting life. I thought that Paul would go to our universities and preach the gospel, because that’s how you reach and affect a culture—by speaking to the future lawyers, doctors and political leaders. I asked the fast-talking host if he had ever considered preaching open air in his local university, saying that, if in ten years’ time the government decided to outlaw all forms of “hate speech,” we would look back on these neglected years of liberty with great regret. We had the God-given freedom to preach the gospel, and we didn’t take advantage of it. If it’s a public campus, it’s our blood-bought First Amendment right to free speech. You don’t even need a permit if you don’t have amplification.

I challenged myself with these thoughts, and a day later took a team to UCLA and we preached to a large congenial crowd for about 80 minutes. I took a poster of Richard Dawkins holding a copy of “180” (he had been speaking at UCLA two days earlier) and said, “Professor Dawkins has his copy, so make sure you get yours.” (Pictured is a happy atheist with his copy--this poster is available for download through

While many Christians are more concerned about changing the nation politically than they are in fulfilling the Great Commission, Richard Dawkin’s is changing millions of our young people into God-haters, and we are letting him get away with it.

If you feel challenged by these thoughts but don’t know what to do, please consider getting Season Four of our TV program. By the end of Episode 13, you will know what to do and how to do it. The entire season has been devoted to equipping Christians to preach the gospel in the open air (we preached open air in 13 European countries in 13 days). It will teach you how to pull in a crowd, how to hold their attention, how to handle hecklers to your advantage, how to make an atheist backslide, how to refute the foolishness of the unscientific theory of evolution, what not to do, and how to overcome your fear of “drying up” or not being able to answer a difficult question. All you will then need is a little courage. You can do this. Make your life count for something eternal.