Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Words of Comfort: How to Walk on Air (part 2)

I think one of the best ways to explain how to do this would be to share an email a 15 year-old (named Julia) sent me. This faithful young lady had been trained in the teachings expounded in “Roots” (which are based on the Bible) and she put them into practice. Join me as a fly on the wall and watch her share her faith biblically.

Julia and a friend went to an outdoor mall and this is what happened:

After a few minutes, two girls sat down at a nearby table. Perfect! I thought and whispered to Marissa, “Let’s get those two over there.”

As we approached them, I hesitated a little. Now that I got a better look at them, they seemed to be older than I expected, probably over eighteen. And they were smoking. Feeling a little uncomfortable, I double-checked with my dad and asked if it would be appropriate to talk to them. He said, “Yeah, of course.” So Marissa and I went to start a conversation.

I approached the table and said with a smile, “Hey, can I show you guys something?”

They both nodded. “Sure.”

I showed them one of the optical illusion tracts and let them keep it. Then I started from there.

“So my friend and I have been going around, asking people a controversial question. Do you have a minute?”

They said they did.

“Where do you think people go when they die?”

They thought about that for a moment, but couldn’t really come up with an answer.

“Well I believe in a Heaven and Hell,” I responded. “So let’s just pretend there’s a Heaven and Hell. Do you guys think you’d be good enough to go to Heaven? Do you consider yourselves to be good people?”

They both said, like most other people, that they thought they were good people and would go to heaven.

From there, I plunged into the Law and went through some of the Ten Commandments.

After I had done that, I said, “So by your own admissions – I’m not judging you – but by your own admissions, you’re both lying, thieving, blasphemous, murderers at heart. If you stood before God on Judgment Day, and God judged you by the Ten Commandments, do you think you’d be innocent or guilty?”

Amanda, the younger one, replied, “I’d be guilty.”

But the other girl, Jennifer, wasn’t as convinced. “Well… God is a forgiving God and he’d forgive us if we repented.”

I cringed inwardly. This girl wasn’t going with the flow like the other people I had witnessed to earlier. I didn’t want to give her the wrong answers. But God was there with me, and I knew He would help me.

“Yes, that’s true, but let me give you a scenario. Say I was in court, and I had murdered someone, and I was about to be sentenced, but I looked at the judge and said, ‘Hey, I know I murdered that woman, but I’m a good person and I’ve done a lot of good in my life. I’m sorry for what I did, so can’t you just let me go?’ No, of course he wouldn’t let me go. If he’s a just judge, then he would give me the punishment I deserve. It’s the same with us. We’ve sinned against an Almighty God, and after all the sins we committed, of course we deserve a punishment.”

“Yeah, but it just depends what you’ve done, just like you’d get worse punishment for different crimes you committed,” Jennifer argued. “Like with murdering and stuff…”

I realized the conversation was getting off track, so I tried to lean into the gospel and get back to my point. “Do you know what God did so that we wouldn’t have to go to Hell?”

They said they didn’t know.

To be continued...

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