Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Today’s Show Notes: Wednesday, 11/28/12

(FOX NEWS) “Hobby Lobby Stores has appealed a federal judge’s decision denying the craft supply chain’s request to not provide employees with insurance that covers morning-after and week-after birth control pills, as mandated by the ObamaCare law.

The Christian-owned company asked for relief in the face of fines they say could reach $1 million a day for not providing the coverage.

. . . The Oklahoma City-based company and a sister company, Mardel, sued the government in September, claiming the mandate violates the owners' religious beliefs. The owners contend the morning-after and week-after birth control pills are tantamount to abortion because they can prevent a fertilized egg from implanting in a woman's womb. They also object to providing coverage for certain kinds of intrauterine devices.

. . . At a hearing earlier this month, a government lawyer said the drugs do not cause abortions and that the U.S. has a compelling interest in mandating insurance coverage for them.

In his ruling, Heaton said churches and other religious organizations have been granted constitutional protection from the birth-control provisions, but Hobby Lobby and Mardel “are not religious organizations."

"Plaintiffs have not cited, and the court has not found, any case concluding that secular, for-profit corporations such as Hobby Lobby and Mardel have a constitutional right to the free exercise of religion," the ruling also stated.

Kyle Duncan, general counsel for the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, said before the appeal: "Every American, including family business owners like the Greens, should be free to live and do business according to their religious beliefs."

Hobby Lobby is the largest business to file a lawsuit against the mandate.

The company calls itself a "biblically founded business" and is closed on Sundays. Founded in 1972, the company now operates more than 500 stores in 41 states and employs more than 13,000 full-time employees who are eligible for health insurance coverage. The company, which is self-insured, has said it will face a daily $1.3 million fine beginning Jan. 1 if it ignores the law.”

Evidence Bible
“World peace will come only when all mankind turns wholeheartedly to God in complete humility and voluntary unconditional surrender. Until human nature is changed, we’ll have war.” Robert Page

“How can I believe in something I can’t see?”
Come on, we believe in tons of stuff we can’t see. Have you ever seen the wind? How about ancient history? Ever seen your brain? We see the effects of the wind, but the wind is invisible. We have history books, but it’s by “faith” that we believe those events happened.
You believe in many things you can’t see. Why? Because they make sense. Think about it for a second. How do you know someone painted the Mona Lisa? You can’t see, hear, touch, smell, or taste them. It’s simple. If there is a painting, there must be a painter. The painting is all the proof you need. The same goes with buildings. If there is a building, there is a builder. And if there is a Creation, there is a Creator.

Solar Flares… a reminder of how BIG God is.

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