Thursday, November 22, 2012

Words of Comfort: Mission Europe--Open-air preaching

Our aim, as a non-profit Para church ministry, is to get Christians out of the pews into the market place. That’s why we exist, and one of our foundational teachings is to convince the Church that this world loves the darkness, hates the light, and as the Bible says they won’t come to the light. They are not going to come to us. If we care, we have to go to them with the message of eternal life, and we can show you how to biblically and effectively do that through open air preaching. There are 70 million professing Christians in American. If just one in 70 decided that he or she was going to obey the Great Commission and “preach” the gospel to every creature, it would mean a million Christians would stand up and give light to our dark nation. That will turn the country right side up.

The series teaches how to pull in a crowd, how to hold their attention, how to handle hecklers to your advantage, how to make an atheist backslide, how to refute the foolishness of the unscientific theory of evolution, what not to do, and how to overcome the fear of “drying up” or not being able to answer a difficult question. All you need is a little courage. Anyone can do this and make their life count for something eternal.

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Photo: Carol Scott