Thursday, November 1, 2012

Words of Comfort: Season 4--The European Countries

We visited and filmed in 13 European countries in 13 days, including London, Paris, liberal Amsterdam, Germany's infamous Oktoberfest and nine other countries. We had a huge crowd in Milan, but just as I concluded preaching a man approached me and began to angrily speak in very animated Italian. He turned out to be the top police officer (in plain clothes), and he and his uniformed officers took me and our photographer and held us for over an hour. They threatened to confiscate our cameras, talked about big fines, and there was even talk from the locals of Mafia involvement. At one point we thought they were going to toss us in jail, but then something amazing happened.

When we were in Belgium in the early hours of one morning I began preaching and found myself surrounded by an angry crowd of drunken men, and heard one of them yell, “Get him!” That was a little scary. We also had the honor of preaching open air to a crowd of 2-3 thousand in Prague, and in Budapest and other places we obtained some wonderful witnessing interviews that were clearly divine encounters.

The least receptive of all the countries was Monaco, on the French Riviera. We had requested an interview with the Prince Albert, the king of Monaco, and not only did the authorities us down, they didn’t want us filming on their streets let alone preaching in the open air. On top of that, the weather turned bad on us the day we arrived, and it poured with rain. The only place our camera crew could find shelter (along with a crowd of tourists) was under a large store’s canopy, right in front of the entrance to the king’s palace. Our tour coordinator asked the store owner if we could preach the gospel to the crowd, and to our surprise he said that we could. So the gospel was preached on private property right in front of the palace, and I didn’t end up in the king’s dungeon.

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Photos: Carol Scott