Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Words of Comfort: This will Bug You

Steven Salzberg wrote a condescending Forbes Magazine article mocking those who believe that God created the universe.[1] He maintains that his articles are “Celebrating good science by fighting pseudoscience and bad medicine.” This good science article was called “Evolution bugs people” and was accompanied by a fascinating picture of three leaf insects. He said,

“The photo shows three ‘walking leaves,’ or leaf insects, which have evolved to look just like the leaves around them. These little bugs must be one of the best examples of natural selection ever. The more closely they resemble a leaf, the more difficult it is for predators to find them. Over the millenia, the bugs who evaded predators survived better, and eventually walking leaves looked like they do today.”[1]

He then tells us why he believe that these walking leaf insects are the best examples of natural selection:

“In fact, these guys have been around for a long time, at least 47 million years, according to a fossil discovery published in 2006. That paper described a fossilized leaf insect found in an ancient lake bed in Germany, which looks remarkably similar to its modern descendants. Yet despite this amazing evidence, only 40% of Americans believe in evolution.”

Salzberg unquestioningly believes that the bugs have been around for at least 47 million years because he has unquestioning faith in the 2006 report of the fossil discovery. Those that discovered the fossil believed it was that old because they had faith in their own dating process. But he said that the 47 million year old fossilized leaf insect “looks remarkably similar to its modern descendants.” Think about this for a moment. It looks remarkably similar to a modern bug. In other words there was little or no difference between the old and the new bug. The reason that there was no change after 47 million years of “evolution” is because it didn’t evolve at all. God made the leaf bug as it is--an amazing bug that can make itself look like a leaf. That’s not “celebrating good science.” It’s a blind faith in the fantasy of evolution.

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