Monday, December 3, 2012

Today’s Show Notes: Monday, 3rd December 2012.

Evidence Bible

“How did the evangelical movement get so far off track? I wouldn’t suggest that evangelicalism’s recent obsession with political activism is the only factor, but I do think it’s a major one. If the same energies and resources that were poured into failed political efforts had been channeled into evangelism instead, I’m convinced that would have been instrumental in producing more spiritual good and hindering more of society’s evils than all our lobbying, demonstrating, and voting combined.” Phil Johnson

7-year-old reaches out at a Dallas Cowboys football game!

(Email from Stacy) “Just wanted to share a couple of photos of my seven year old son passing out tracts at the Dallas Cowboy's game on Thanksgiving day. He passes more out than the rest of us combined most places we go.

[The player in uniform] is Phillip Tanner one of Dallas' running backs. The guy in a t- shirt is Ben Bloom. He is one of the defensive coaches.

Watching you all has made my son seemingly fearless in spreading the Gospel, and I wanted to thank you.”