Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Today’s Show Notes: Tuesday, 11th December 2012.

Genius testimonies are coming in!

(Email) “My names Andy . . . and I’m 15 and became a true Christian just the beginning of this year. Me and all my friends are born into Christian families but didn't actually know Christ as our savoir but [as] that guy from the Bible that did those things. I thank you guys so much for Genius. The day Genius came out i watched it; thought [it] was an amazing sequel to 180. The same day my friend Johnny (Age13) told me he found an awesome video he wanted to show me. We decided to get together with our friend Danny (age16) who has fallen from God Dramatically. Now for the first time in their lives, Johnny and Danny actually seem interested in Christ and i think they are! Johnny wanted to show Danny Genius and wants to continue sharing it. I plan to buy 53 copies of it (or how much $80 will get me) and together spread the gospel and the Movie and hand out tracts i recently bought from you guys with him. I ask for you to pray for us to spread the word correctly and truthfully and to grow a closer relationship with Christ.”

(Email from Pastor Simon Breaker) “We played this in our church today and 8 people came to repentance great job! We will be looking to order some DVD's in the new year!”

A few fun, family-oriented Christmas outreach ideas!

1) Christmas Caroling—sing & open-air or give a tract

You can download a Christmas Carol song sheet on LivingWaters.com – click the “Resource” tab on the main menu, and then “Free Downloads”

The Duggars bring cookies to local police/fire stations.

2) Give the gospel as a gift! Genius is just about out. Makes a FANTASTIC Christmas gift!

3) Get the kids involved! 

(Email from Grace) “Hi there! We watch On The Box almost every day and want to thank you all for your ministry! Just this past week the Lord gave my family the opportunity (and boldness) to pass out several hundred tracts at a Christmas event in our hometown. The giant money and Santa millions were a HUGE hit!! Several people asked for more than one so that they could take them home to share with their families . . . At the end of the night, after giving away nearly 100 tracts on his own, [Abel – age 7] said "this was really fun, I think I'd like to do it every day!”

A new episode of WOTM, Season 4 debuts tonight on TBN! (Vienna)

Episode description: Austria's capitol is Vienna, a city synonymous with romance and beautiful music. Up until 1938, Vienna was a music-capital of the world, playing host to a string of noted composers such as Brahms, Bruckner, Mahler and, of course, Johann Strauss. Like many other cities in Europe, it's also a stronghold for atheism and evolution. Join "E.Z." as he uses September 11th as an open air springboard, meet an atheist who thinks he's a primate and believes in God, and join Ray as he has a knife in his back while he asks locals the revealing "three minutes to live" question.