Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Today’s Show Notes: Tuesday, 4th December 2012.

Evidence Bible
“God’s holiness demands consequences for sin. We have broken His standard of holiness, and His holiness demands that He judge sin, not ignore or excuse it.” Bill Bright

A new episode of WOTM, Season 4 debuts tonight on TBN! (Prague)

Episode description:  What country in Europe has over two million people, most of whom are agnostic or atheist, and yet has in the heart of its largest city a centuries-old clock commemorating the Twelve Apostles? The answer is Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. Prague is as colorful and as crowded as a New York City sidewalk, but as quaint as a Brothers Grimm fairy tale. In this episode you will learn how to speak to someone who believes in the theory of evolution and discover that a "missing link" has finally been found! You'll meet a non-Christian name Christian who might believe in God but not in the Bible; be reminded to be a "fisher of men"; and learn the answer to why bad things happen to good people.

Creative Christmas Ideas!

From Ray (an article from 2005):  Some Christians don’t like Christmas. They see Santa Claus as a disguise for Satan’s Claws. Perhaps they are right. However, instead of getting upset by Christmas, we should use it to breach the advances of the enemy.

I once gathered a flatbed truck, a pot-bellied Christian, a rented Santa suit, a large bag full of candy, some musical instruments, carol songbooks, and a megaphone. On Christmas Eve, we drove around, parked on street corners, and sang Christmas carols. When adults came out with their kids to listen and the kids packed around to get candy, I preached the gospel on the megaphone using Christmas as a springboard. The words of some of the carols are pleading for comment:

“Mild He lay His glory by, born that man no more may die. Born to raise the sons of earth, born to give them second birth...”

We parked outside bars and watched delighted, smiling beer drinkers come outside to hear carols at Christmas. It was fascinating to see their expressions change as the subject moved from Christmas to Christ. I will never forget the sight of a red-faced gentleman struggling to lift a large container of alcohol into the trunk of his car, while trying to keep both hands cupped over his ears. (From How to Win Souls and Influence People)

That happened many years ago in New Zealand, but we are going to resurrect Santa and do it this Christmas (with a few improvements). It’s easy to do. All it takes is a leader to pull things together. Ray has recorded a four-minute gospel presentation explaining the meaning of Christmas—so you don’t even have to preach. Giftwrap some Bibles and inexpensive kids’ toys (you can get these at a Big Lots or Dollar Store), borrow or rent a flatbed truck, invite singers from your church, purchase candy and Giant Money tracts to give out, download the Christmas message here, then play it through a speaker on the back of the truck. You could run the sound system off the truck battery.

On the nights leading up to Christmas, park on a street corner (or with permission in the parking lot of a mall) and have your singers sing a couple of carols. Let Santa “Ho, ho, ho” and throw out some candy. Have a team hand out Giant Money tracts, then simply say, “Before we give out gifts to the children, we would like you to listen to this four-minute Christmas message.” Then play the message (after a couple of times, your team may want to take turns at preaching), give out gifts and maybe some invitations to your church, then leave for the next street corner in your city. Inform your pastor of your plans and about the invitations to church, and maybe he will get the whole church involved.

If you don't want to go to the trouble of getting a truck, why not just go to a local Wal-Mart (or whatever) and sing outside. Take some candles, dress up with earmuffs, hats, have a scroll with the words of a carol in front of you, use a bit of harmony, and you are bound to pull in a crowd (unless you sing like me). Give out the Giant Money, tell them that you have some gifts for the kids after a four-minute message, and either preach yourself or play the gospel presentation.

Please do this. You will never regret it. We have been banned from preaching at the courts and the DMV (both are on public soil), and there is a constant effort to remove the true meaning of Christmas in this nation. How long will we have the liberty to do this sort of thing? You be the organizer; don’t wait for someone else. Don’t just “intend” to do it. People are dying daily and going to hell. Do it this Christmas, while you still can. (Take a video camera, so that you can inspire other churches to do this in the future.)”

Some ideas…

1) Flash Mob

Journey of Faith performed a Christmas "Flash Mob" at the South Bay Galleria in Redondo Beach on December 18, 2010, much to the delight of local shoppers.

It would be AMAZING if you added a short open-air preaching at the end!!

2) Christmas Parade
From Steve Sanchez