Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Words of Comfort: Why the Sun Doesn’t Exist

A group known as “a/sunists” produced a manifesto explaining why they believe that the sun doesn’t exist:

Firstly. An entire desert tribe of men, women, and children was once killed by the sun. Therefore the sun doesn’t exist.

Second. Intelligent scientists have searched the night sky for the sun, and found no evidence for its existence.

Third. They also entered a pitch-black room and studied a book about the sun. Again, they found no empirical evidence.

Fourth. Beliefs were confirmed by interviewing members of the Braille Institute.

Lastly. The millions who testified that they have seen a brilliant ball of fire in the sky are unscientific dimwitted liars. The a/sunists continue to hold their meetings in a dark room and tell each other that it is intelligent to believe that the sun doesn’t exist.

By professing the blindness of atheism, atheists deny the God-given light that He has given to every sane human being.

There are some cultures that will show so much contempt for a family member that has wronged them, they actually deny his existence. They refuse to acknowledge that he existed as a son. They don’t want to see him, hear from him, or talk to him. That’s what the professing atheist does with God, and his or her reason for doing so is moral. It’s not intellectual. If it was an intellectual issue there wouldn’t be any argument. But through their moral conscience atheists know that God requires an account for every action and every word (including our thought life); they can’t stand that thought, and so they deny His existence.

However, we don’t have to prove that God exists to anyone. This is because every sane person intuitively knows that He exists. All of us have a God-given conscience. The Bible tells us that this is the “work of the law written on their hearts.” Just as every sane human being knows that it’s wrong to lie, steal, kill, and commit adultery, he knows that God should be first in his life.

The professing atheist not only has the testimony of his impartial conscience, but he also has the testimony of creation. It “declares” the glory of God, and the person who denies the voice of conscience and the voice of creation is without excuse. If death seizes upon him and he is still in his sins, he will face the wrath of a holy Creator, whether he believes in Him or not.

This is is why I don’t spend too much time trying to convince anyone that there is a God. To do so is to waste time and energy. Sinners don’t need convincing that God exists; they need convincing that sin exists and that they are in terrible danger.

The only biblical way to do this is to go through the moral Law and explain that God is offended by the sins of lying, stealing and blasphemy, and that He considers lust to be adultery and hatred to be murder. It is the revelation that God is holy and just and sees our thought-life that convinces us that we are in danger of eternal damnation. That’s what sent me to the Cross for mercy, and that’s what sinners need to hear. So never be discouraged from preaching the Gospel, and don’t get sidetracked by the rabbit trails of issues that don’t really matter.

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