Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Today’s Show Notes: Tuesday, 29th January 2013.

John Travolta takes Million Dollar Bill from fan

What Hollywood Believes – John Travolta

In speaking of his beliefs, John Travolta said, “When I was 21 years old, I found Scientology and that gave me a kind of sanity. The technology I found so brilliant, that that kind of put things in perspective for me. A film not doing well isn’t a disaster—a plane crash is a disaster, you know what I mean?”
As far as what happens after death, Travolta explained, “I think that the body ends and you as a spirit go on. It’s up to you what you are going to do. It could be [reincarnation] if that is what you chose to do. You want to get back into another body or if you just want to hang out, whatever you feel like.”
When asked whether he believes in God, Travolta answered, “I think the whole idea of Scientology is to think for yourself . . . If you ask me personally, I think yes there’s God. But each day through a lot of the studying that I do, I think I get to understand, possibly, what God is about but I don’t think I fully get the picture yet.”
After stating that he prays, though not regularly, Travolta was asked, “Who or what would you be praying to?” He replied, “To the yet-not-fully-understood God concept.”
John Travolta, like the rest of us, doesn’t fully get the picture yet. Who of us can say we completely understand God or even the mysteries of this life? The Bible says that “we see in a mirror dimly.” There are many questions to which we haven’t yet found adequate answers.
Despite this, surveys reveal that most people pray, even skeptics. A good dose of severe turbulence at 30,000 feet is enough to make any atheist backslide momentarily and request help from some Higher Being—even if it’s just a one-word prayer uttered deep within the mind. The issue isn’t whether we pray, but whether God answers our prayers.
God does answer prayer, but often not in a way most of us would want or even expect. Undoubtedly, most of our prayers are selfish, such as for health and wealth. For reasons only He knows, God sometimes says yes and sometimes says no. And sometimes He says, “Wait for a while.”

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